Save our studio TURTLE RAFFLE

Save our Studio RAFFLE – Has been extended to Sun, Sept 2, 2018!
We are writing to share the dire news of our fight to stay in business in the face of an international shortage of clear melting glass! We currently use “cullet” glass but need to switch to “batch” glass, and this requires a different type of furnace.

OCG needs to raise $25,000 to purchase a different type of furnace which works with new  glass. This retooling is imperative for the future of OCG.
Here is how you can help:

We are raffling a one of a kind William Murphy glass Sea Turtle, mounted on Oregon Coast brain coral. This particular Sea Turtle is valued at $3,250 and will be featured on the local TV show “Explore the Northwest” in 2019. The winner will also receive a DVD copy of the show.

    Valued at $ 3,250

Raffle details: ONLY 500 tickets will be sold, assuring your $50.00 has a great chance of winning. The winner 
will be announced on August 20th at 1:00PM PST, in a live video on Facebook.  Raffle Date Has Been Extended to Sunday Sept 2nd ! ! ! 

** Raffle date subject to change as things come together, but we will keep you posted via social media.  Tickets can be purchased with a credit card on our webpage or by calling the studio.

Last week we learned there is NO glass cullet available in the United States. Glass cullet is not expected to arrive in the US for distribution until the first part of November. We MUST move fast and rally as much support as we can before running completely out of glass.

As you can imagine our annual potlatch for 2018 has been cancelled. Time and resources must be conserved for the reshaping of OCG. Once the dust settles there will be a special, invitation only, glass event for all benefactors that have aided in our battle. Stay tuned for future fun events in true OCG fashion.

Please know that we have every expectation of weathering this current crisis with dignity, determination and a dedicated defiance. Thank you in advance for any and all support.
Yours truly, William, Robin and the OCG Crew!